How to Clean a Skylight


A skylight serves mainly to bring in additional light but it also can add beauty to a room by providing a great view. The problem is that you can only appreciate a skylight to its fullest extent when it is clean.

Because it is vulnerable to outside elements such as rain, snow, moisture, bird droppings, leaves and dust, your view of a blue sky may be marred by the build-up that accumulates on the skylight pane. If less light appears to be passing through your skylight, it is a sign that it is time for a good cleaning.

Skylights are not hard to maintain and there is no need to go on the roof to clean them very often. If you live in a rainy climate your skylight will need even less cleaning since the rain can easily wash away most of the dirt and grime. However, no matter where you live your skylight should be cleaned, at the minimum, twice a year to protect it from scratches and to make sure the maximum amount of light is being allowed in. In fact, one of the basic considerations when purchasing a skylight should also include a realistic schedule for cleaning in order to keep the skylight in top condition.

The best place to start cleaning your skylight is from the inside. The inside does not get as dirty as the outside so using a wet cloth to wipe away the dust and spider webs is normally sufficient. Once the inside is cleaned, wipe it dry with a clean cloth to prevent any streaking.

Cleaning the topside takes a bit more effort. Go on top of the roof with a bucket, some detergent, a sponge, a couple of dry cloths, some car wax, and a garden hose. First rinse the skylight with the hose and if there is any residue stuck on the pane wipe it off using a detergent-soaked sponge. Never use a knife or sharp instrument as a scrapper as it can scratch the glass or acrylic pane.

After rinsing off the soap and any residue, wipe the pane dry. The final step is to polish the skylight pane using the car wax. The purpose of the wax is to cover minor scratches and abrasions as well as to protect the pane from damage caused by outside elements. In addition, the wax will cause the rain hitting the skylight to bead-up and more easily slide off the pane. Overall, a regular cleaning is a relatively simple process which can improve the functionality of the skylight and extend its serviceable life.